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Unify your content, strengthen your presence
 For Content and eCommerce apps|Free

Your Substack newsletters are synchronized with your app

Effortless integration with perfect design

This extension allows you to connect your Substack account to your GoodBarber application. Once the extension is added and configured, your Substack content will be automatically published on your app, offering your users a smooth and consistent experience. This will make your app more attractive and facilitate audience engagement.

What's more, the design of your Substack content will be displayed according to your app's design, ensuring a perfect display and consistent experience. Your readers can not only access your content, but also interact directly from your app. In short, a complete, unified experience for your users.

There's no need to worry about design - everything is perfectly thought out for you !

  • Direct link between Substack and your app without any intervention on your part
  • Your Substack content is available directly on your app
  • Smooth, effortless display