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Podcast Feed

Give your users a direct access to your podcasts.
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Your podcasts directly accessible from your GoodBarber app

Give your users the ability to listen to your content directly from your app

You can centralize everything in your application: your content, your community... GoodBarber is here to make it easy for you. Thanks to Podcast Feed integration, your podcasts will be published in your app in a synchronized way, for more ease and accessibility for you and your users. They will be able to listen to your content as freely as possible, download it and consume it without moderation.

  • Podcasts and full description
  • Sharing podcasts
  • Download
  • Podcasts playable in background
  • Player in the app

How to integrate Podcasts?

Simple and easy steps to synchronize your content on your app in the best conditions.

Podcasts are quick to integrate, you just need the link to your podcast's RSS feed, then follow the steps below :

  • 1
    Activate the Podcast Feed add-on in your app
  • 2
    Enter the name of the section.
  • 3
    Paste the feed URL into the Settings field.
  • 4
    Click Add and the section will automatically appear in your app.

This feed must respect the same standards as those required by iTunes.
For a detailed step-by-step guide, refer to our online help

Your podcasts are now available in your App!