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Custom article feed

Deliver external content by creating your own custom feed with GoodBarber's Custom integration
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Any site available in your app

Your external articles available in your app. Optimize the access to your content for more visibility.

Thanks to GoodBarber's Custom Articles integration, you can connect any external site to your app, and automatically distribute its content to your app by integrating your own custom feed. This integration allows you to display all your articles uploaded on other sites, so you won't be forced to re-publish the same content several times. GoodBarber provides many connectors to distribute your external content, but the Custom Articles integration makes our platform compatible with all existing services, but it requires a bit of effort on your part. Indeed, if the connector you are looking for is not among our solutions, you will have to create your own custom feed to integrate it into your app. Your articles will automatically be in your app, accessible at any time by your users. This way, your external content will have more visibility, and you will offer additional content to your app users. Discover this integration and its main features.

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How to integrate a custom article feed?

Once you've finished creating your custom feed, simply install it in your GoodBarber app.

This integration allows you to publish external content on your app by making articles appear synchronized with their original publishing platform.

The installation of the Custom Articles add-on is done in three steps :

  • 1
    Add the Custom Article Feed add-on
  • 2
    Paste the URL of your custom content feed
  • 3
    Click on Add

For a detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to our online help

Your articles are now available on your app!