The many uses of RSS feeds
RSS feeds, the rock stars of the 2000s, are back in vogue ! Use them to multiply your content import and export possibilities.
RSS, regaining popularity after the success of the 2000s
An RSS feed is a file format that standardizes the distribution of content on the web.

In the 2000s, before the advent of social networking, the blogosphere was very active. RSS became very popular at the time, as it was used to automatically distribute blog updates.

To read an RSS feed, aggregator software is used. It connects to the sending site to check for new content. If this is the case, the RSS feed is downloaded and immediately converted to HTML format for reading.

Today, there is renewed interest in this format. That's why Goodbarber offers you a wide range of extensions based on RSS.

These extensions are divided into two main families:
- export: extensions for distributing app content on third-party sites
-import: extensions for displaying content in your app

Let's take a closer look.
RSS to export content from your app
The following extensions allow you to export the content you write in the GoodBarber CMS outside your app.

For each type of CMS content (article, video, podcast, event, point on a map), the extension enables you to create an appropriate RSS feed. The RSS feed for an article does not have the same attributes as the RSS feed for a podcast.

Thanks to these extensions, you can be sure of generating an RSS feed that is correctly formatted according to the type of content for which it is set up.

The resulting feed can then be used in an RSS aggregator or any other RSS manipulation tool, such as Zapier or Make.

RSS feeds generated by these extensions are automatically updated several times a day.
RSS to import content into your app
Your GoodBarber app can also read RSS feeds and display their content in a section.

The following extensions allow you to add RSS as an external content source for your app.

Since RSS is a standardized format, GoodBarber automatically extracts the content of the RSS feed and applies the design parameters you have defined for display. Integration into your app is seamless.