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RSS feed: Articles

Distribute your articles beyond your app and expand your audience.
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Your articles accessible outside your app

Optimize access to your articles by making them available on external platforms

The advantages of using RSS feeds for your articles

Grow your audience and distribute your content outside your app quickly and easily

This feature allows you to optimize your time and facilitate the distribution of your content by making your app's articles appear on external platforms. Your content feed is automatically generated and updated: you just have to select the distribution platforms you want to be present on, and insert the link available in your GoodBarber back office.

Thanks to RSS feeds, you can adapt your publication strategies, by integrating them into your own external platforms, such as a blog for example, but also negotiate a presence on other sites related to your field, so as to gain visibility. Discover the main advantages of RSS Feeds.

  • Simplicity: it only takes one click to generate them, and another to insert them wherever you want.
  • Speed: feeds ensure instant publication of your articles on all platforms.
  • Autonomy: feeds are automatically generated and updated. No maintenance required.