Who are GoodBarber App Resellers?


Who is an App Reseller
With the GoodBarber Reseller Program , you can create as many apps as you want. You benefit from a No-Code technology to create and publish apps on both the App Store (Apple) and Google Play Store, as well as on the web using a Progressive Web App (PWA).
You wonder if you would be able to sell apps? Or maybe, you would like to benefit from the unlimited offer to create several apps for your company?
Here are the profiles of our reseller customers, you will surely find yourself among them.

But first of all, what is an app reseller and what does it do ?

A mobile app reseller is a person or a business company using an app builder or a development service to create and sell mobile apps to their customers under a new brand (reseller's brand) or a "White Label" brand that will be filled by the reseller's customers. 

To answer the question "Who is an app reseller within GoodBarber's program" and who is eligible to become an app reseller, we can start describing two main categories of usage of the App Reseller Program that we have identified through GoodBarber's customer base:
  • ​​You're launching your app reselling company
  • You are a Web Agency
  • You are a Marketing Agency
  • You are a multi-entrepreneur
  • You are a salaried employee and you want to earn extra money
  • You are a multi-activity company
  • You are an international company
  • You are an Administration

1. Persons and companies engaged in the business of creating and selling apps to third parties

Create and resell Apps. Here, some business cases of the first app resellers category:
  • You're launching your app reselling company

Many GoodBarber Resellers started by sensing a need in the market and started their app reselling company from scratch. The profiles are quite different because as we said before, you don't need to be a developer to create apps with GoodBarber. You'll have to get the hang of the tool at first, but the free month trial and the resources available will help you. 

What these entrepreneurs have in common is the motivation to succeed and not to be discouraged quickly. Indeed, as an entrepreneur you will find many obstacles on your way, so you will have to persevere. Moreover, these entrepreneurs, regardless of their profile, have at some point put in place marketing strategies . This is essential when you are starting out in the business. They have defined a particular target, or a particular region to prospect. The goal is to start with easy sales so that you can confront your first customers, gain confidence and then go after more. Of course, if you realize that your strategy is not necessarily good, you can change it, try other sales techniques or find other targets. 

Finally, GoodBarber is here to help you. We've been in the app business for over 10 years, and we know all the intricacies. We have a lot of resources at your disposal (training, tutorials, prospecting tools, blog articles...). And you can contact your dedicated Account Manager at any time to discuss your issues and ask for personalized advice. All this is of course included in our subscription. We are proud to have helped many entrepreneurs to realize their dreams thanks to our platform.  If you are still hesitating, just sign up here for a free 30-day trial:
  • You are a Web Agency

If you are a web designer, you are of course aware that traffic is shifting massively to mobile for years. Nowadays, all web agencies offer "mobile" (Responsive) versions of their sites, it's obvious. Nevertheless, your customers will have more and more specific needs and will have to go through the "Apps" box. In this case, you can set up a team of in-house app developers. This is difficult and expensive because you already have 2 completely different dominant technologies on the market: iOS and Android. The code is not the same and few developers master both technologies. Or you can code your apps in HTML, Javascript, or CSS and use a framework to publish them. But apart from the fact that the app will be on the store (if you manage to get it accepted...), it will remain a web view of your mobile site inside the store. Technologically, this will be limited and the user experience will not be optimal. The last solution is to use a No-Code app creation tool, like GoodBarber. We are convinced that this is the best option ;) Indeed, you won't have to worry about the technical platform, hosting, and security. Everything is included. The apps are created via graphical interfaces, so even if people in your team don't know how to code, they can create apps. Thanks to GoodBarber, you can offer truly "native" apps (in Objective-C / Swift for iOS and in Java / Kotlin for Android). Indeed, our technology allows you to create apps from a generic back-office, and then, a compilation tool generates a native Android and/or iOS app when you decide to publish. This ensures that the app is optimized for the user experience and integrates perfectly with the smartphone ecosystem.

You also get a Progressive Web App (PWA) version. If you want to replace your client's "responsive" website with a PWA under GoodBarber it is possible. The look and feel are the same as an app but accessible on the Web. The technology used is Angular, which allows PWAs to be faster, be better recognized by search engines on the mobile web, and work offline thanks to Service Workers.

Finally, with our advanced design system, you won't have to call a designer to make a nice app. All the tools are at your disposal in our Design system to make several templates and you even benefit from a gallery of several thousand royalty-free photos that you can integrate. Even if you benefit from more than 500 features, as a web pro you may need to go further in customization or in the integration of external tools. GoodBarber offers to create plugins by yourself directly from the back-office. You also have access to our APIs and to Zapier and Make (ex-Integromat), to connect external tools to your apps. To sum up, when a client asks you for a mobile app, you should definitely think that it would be easier for you to use a No-Code platform. Here is an example of a web agency in Brazil  that started to work on mobile because clients were more and more in demand of apps.
  • You are a Marketing Agency

When you are a marketing agency, you advise your clients on their daily marketing strategy. This daily life is more and more marked by technology. Even small structures are now sensitive to their image on the web and social networks. You must therefore adapt and offer services in this sense. Thanks to No-Code tools, you can offer a lot of technical services to your customers at reasonable costs. So, as we have seen above, as mobile traffic is supplanting desktop traffic, you will have to deal more and more with app-related issues. If one of your customers asks you to take care of the creation of an app, your first reflex will be to call a specialized agency. This is an easy solution at first glance, but very expensive. And sometimes you will go out of your budget. By using a No-Code tool like GoodBarber, you will be able to propose yourself to create apps for them. The tool is easy to use and we offer free resources and training. You even get an Account Manager to help you use the tool and give you best practices.

Moreover, with the "Reseller" package you can create as many apps as you want, which means you will have the possibility to create ephemeral apps or to make demo apps  to get your customers interested without it costing you more in subscription. In your case, the added value is obvious because you offer a service that you will control from A to Z and that you will be able to bill as you wish. Moreover, our tool is totally white-label, so even if you give access to the back-office to your customer to make changes himself, he will not see our brand. This is a good idea to diversify your offer and generate more revenue. We reported an example of a communication company  that decided to use GoodBarber to sell Apps to its customers while remaining autonomous.
  • You are a multi-entrepreneur

We have in our Reseller ranks multi-entrepreneurs. These people usually have several businesses and are always looking for opportunities to grow their service offering and generate revenue. Sometimes, others are specialized in one business and realize that their peers have a growing need for apps. In this case, they are not necessarily app experts, but they know their industry inside out. So they know what the needs of that particular sector are. This is a strength in itself and allows them to quickly acquire first customers. If you recognize yourself in this type of profile, the No-Code platform for app resellers GoodBarber is the ideal solution. No need to know how to code, an unlimited number of apps and resources at your disposal to help you (Support team, tutorials, online help, Account Manager...). 

We have highlighted on our blog the story of a multi-entrepreneur,  who launched an app for his Restaurant at the beginning, and who took the opportunity to set up a mobile digital agency with GoodBarber. Thanks to this, he was able to diversify his revenue sources and grow his 2 businesses. If you have an idea in mind to start a business in your area or in a sector you know well, call our team to talk about  our App Reseller Program  
  • You are a salaried employee and you want to earn extra money

More and more employees are looking for a way to make ends meet or to create their own business but don't dare to take the plunge. In both cases, you can take the opportunity to sell apps with GoodBarber. You don't need to have any special skills, the tool is No-Code. It's easy to learn and we have all the resources available to train and help you. All you need is motivation. The market is growing, the demand is there, and you have to find the right strategies to position yourself and sell your product.

For people who want to stay employed, it is quite possible to manage a mobile digital agency in addition to your job. Of course, it requires some work, but with some organization, you will be able to combine the two. In the beginning, you will have to master the tool but then the strategy is similar to people who want to create a company. Choose a target, communicate, make demo apps and move on to sales. With modern communication tools, it's quite easy to manage customers by having the main business and working on apps in the evenings and weekends. This can bring you interesting and, above all, recurring revenues. As we often advise, we encourage you to charge a subscription fee  to your clients for the apps (but you don't have to...).

For employees who want to start a business but are hesitant to take the plunge, using a tool like GoodBarber to get started can be a good start. Indeed, you have 30 days of free testing (with the possibility to have a demo by an Account Manager) to get familiar with the platform. Then, you can, while keeping your current job, start to launch the activity to test. You only have to pay a subscription fee, no setup fee. And you can stop the subscription whenever you want. The risks are quite limited. In any case, you have to follow a marketing strategy like all entrepreneurs but with fewer risks. The best thing is to start with a business you know, so it will be easier to identify their needs in terms of apps. This way you can start making some sales more easily and make your choice if you want to go full-time in selling apps.

2. Companies that need to build multiple mobile apps for their business

Unlimited apps for your own entity. Some use cases for the second app resellers category:
  • You are a multi-activity company

Whatever the size of your company, if you want to create several apps because you have various activities, the Reseller solution is made for you. Indeed, our Reseller offer is mainly made for companies that want to create and resell apps to third parties. But if you want to create several apps for yourself it is more interesting economically to take the Reseller solution. You will have direct control over the creation of the apps, without going through an external provider or your IT department if you have one. In general, the typical profile, in this case, is the marketing department of the company. But we can imagine that a sales department, HR or even the general management needs it. You will be autonomous to create as many apps as you want, even for ephemeral events. If you have an IT department, usually they are totally dedicated to managing solutions and tools already in place. When you ask them to create an app, it's not necessarily in their skillset (as we saw above, it's hard to find native app developers). With GoodBarber, you will be able to work independently on your projects, everything is included and our teams are there to help you (including a dedicated Account Manager). Moreover, in the GoodBarber Reseller offer, you get a complete dashboard allowing you to manage all your apps in a single tool.
  • You are an international company

A bit like a multi-activity company, an international company can be seduced by the Reseller offer. Again, the goal here is not to sell apps but rather to create several apps for its own use. In the context of an international company, there can be several cases.

First, create an app per country, with different content and specificities. In this case, we can imagine that each "Zone Manager" or the International Marketing manages the apps. These apps can be used to promote the company's offer in each country where it is established. They can also be used as eCommerce apps. And so, if there are different logistics hubs and products depending on each country, it is easier to have multiple apps. Apps can also be used as "institutional" apps, to communicate on a particular subject that is important to the company outside of its commercial activity. The goal here is to address its audience with content adapted to each geographical area.

Secondly, international companies that are large in size can use their app to communicate internally with their teams. Whether it's internal communication or human resources, it's sometimes difficult to manage teams scattered around the world. With the Reseller solution, it is possible to create an app by country or by language space in order to communicate quickly and easily with all the employees of the company. We have an example of a large international company that uses GoodBarber for internal communication purposes across Europe. They have created an app per language area. This way they can easily send information to all employees about their products. Whether it's new products, defects found, promotions, or price changes, with GoodBarber apps, employees are aware of everything. And if you're afraid that your employees or customers won't get the info, you can of course send scheduled push notifications  to every new info published... Nobody will miss anything interesting about your company in the world anymore ;)
  • You are a Public Administration

For administrations, the problem is somewhat the same as for multi-sector companies. They have to create apps for several branches or several entities. In this case, of course, an administration is not there to resell its apps but to share them with all its services. And so once again, the Reseller rate that offers an unlimited number of apps is the most appropriate. For administrations, there are 2 cases. 

Either the IT department manages the account. Even if they have developers, as for web agencies, it suits them better to use a No-Code app builder  than to code them themselves. And in this case, they make the apps available to the services by managing all the apps from the dashboard. 

Otherwise, it is the communication department that takes care of the entire app management. Indeed, after a little time of adaptation, no need to be a technician to use GoodBarber. 

In both cases, what is interesting for them is to have a flexible solution and especially with very fast deployment. By coding yourself or by going through an agency, the creation and publication delays are longer. In this case, the person who creates the app does it autonomously and is helped by GoodBarber for the publication (if he feels the need). More than 30.000 apps are present on our platform, so we know perfectly the publishing process ;) Again, as a Reseller (even if you don't resell the apps, we know...), you get free training and an Account Manager to help you perfect your projects, in addition to the Support team that is at your disposal on a daily basis. 

We have as an example a municipality that uses the Reseller subscription for several apps. In addition to the communication app for the news of the town hall and the city, they have an app for the museum, an app for traffic and roads, an app for bus schedules, etc... The solution is managed by the IT department which collects the needs of the different departments and creates the apps for them. Then, each department manages its app independently.


As we've seen throughout this article, since our tool is No-Code and fully accessible via the web, it's pretty easy to get into app sales with the GoodBarber Reseller offer. We're sure you've found yourself in one of the profiles above. But most importantly, with a platform like GoodBarber, you can create apps unlimitedly and without typing a line of code. On top of that, we offer you a whole bunch of resources. Help to learn how to use the tool and maximize its potential. But most importantly, marketing resources that will help you sell your apps more easily and generate more revenue. Here are the Resources we offer to Resellers.

To create a free trial, just follow this link: