Agency Spotlight : Complete Digital Solutions for Innovative Businesses with BT Design


BT Design is a Brazilian agency whose extensive experience in the web and mobile business has allowed them to successfully navigate through the challenges often faced in the digital industry and come out on top. After seeing their comprehensive range of offerings and impressive list of clients they've managed to acquire, it was obvious that this agency knows what they're doing!

Can you give us some background information on your agency?

We are an agency with more than 12 years of experience in web and design services, and over this period, we've delivered over 300 projects. Today, we offer solutions ranging from creation of websites, applications and virtual stores, as well as hosting and content management.

It's now been 2 years since we started working with app development. I believe the very complete service we offer is what sets us apart from competitors : designing, programming and hosting, guaranteeing total quality and specialized support. 

We believe in disruption through technology, bringing new opportunities and facilitating the day-to-day lives of people and companies. We always keep an eye on new trends and invest a lot in developing innovative products to offer the best solutions for our customers, thus helping to make ideas come true.

How did you start out? Were you always an agency or did you begin as a freelancer?

We started in 2005 as freelancers and in 2011 we opened our company. Our focus today, always with the end customer in mind, is advertising agencies that demand specialized manpower in web development and design.

What is your competitive advantage in the market?

As I mentioned before, by offering a full range of solutions, we are able to respond to most client needs, whether that's the creation of their entire web and mobile presence or simply hosting a website on our servers. This has enabled us to be really specialized in internet services, which is demonstrated by our ease in problem solving when any support regarding these matters is required.

Is there any specific industry you focus on? What do you believe the role mobile plays in this context is?

Yes, our focus is on news apps. The market is in constant evolution...nowadays most news is accessed daily through smartphones—users are looking for clear and fast information. Since we started with GoodBarber, we have been able to integrate our web projects into functional apps with automatic updates, giving the end user real-time information on the subjects that matter to them.

It’s no secret Brazil is not in the best economic situation right now, how do you perceive the opportunities and challenges in the technology industry during a crisis period such as this?

The economic crisis that we are living in Brazil today directly affects several sectors of a company, and IT is one of them. As it creates a whole new dimension of challenge, it puts managers in a position where they need to find the best solutions to overcome these difficulties.

In the scenario of continuity or worsening of this crisis, companies will need to intensify their focus on reducing costs and increasing productivity. That's where GoodBarber comes in! With the help of the platform we have been able to gain time in the development of applications, and consequently, offer solutions with great quality for a lower investment price.

What’s the biggest mistake you made in your first year?

Underinvesting in marketing. In Brazil we have a well-known phrase that says: "Those who are not seen are not remembered". It is virtually impossible to get new clients without a fixed investment in advertising.

If you could do it all over, what would you do differently?

I don't think I would do anything differently, both the stumbling and success we had contributed to what we are today. We are grateful for the many doors that have been opened on our journey and for every client and partner who has trusted us from the beginning.

Which business values does BT Design prioritize?

We are a company that breathes design and technology. Our mission is to ensure customer satisfaction with creative solutions, innovative ideas and quality services that exceed their expectations.
Bruno is a web designer, programmer and the creative director at BT Design. He got started in technology when he was just 15 years old, working on small HTML projects and editing with the archaic Windows Notepad. He worked as a freelancer in some companies in Capão Bonito - São Paulo, Brazil (where he currently lives) before starting his own company (BT Design) in 2011. Today, BT Design serves over 100 clients/month, ranging from large companies to nongovernmental entities and public bodies.