Christophe Spinetti, Friday 30 October 2020

Agency Spotlight: Visual Apps boosts small businesses digital marketing

Visual Apps is a mobile marketing agency working mainly in the Occitan region in France. Chan and his team are helping businesses and associations in the region increase their mobile audience. In March 2020, during the 1st lockdown, Visual Apps launched a solidarity initiative, offering its services free of charge to companies in difficulty.
Written on Thursday 15 June 2017

Agency Spotlight : Moving up the business ladder with Tech Upstairs

Tech Upstairs is an agency that is unique across the board, from a one-of-a-kind set of offerings that sets it apart, to a fresh take on successfully managing customers. The insight from the founder, Kedric Benefield, is a must-read. 
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 15 March 2017

Agency Spotlight : Complete Digital Solutions for Innovative Businesses with BT Design

BT Design is a Brazilian agency whose extensive experience in the web and mobile business has allowed them to successfully navigate through the challenges often faced in the digital industry and come out on top. After seeing their comprehensive range of offerings and impressive list of clients they've managed to acquire, it was obvious that this agency knows what they're doing!
GoodBarber Team, Monday 13 February 2017

Agency Spotlight : Putting Design First with Interpaul Digital Agency

Discover the creative work of Interpaul Digital Agency, a French agency using GoodBarber to create beautiful apps for their clients. With a strong focus on design and customization they've been delivering top notch apps for two years now.
GoodBarber Team, Thursday 8 December 2016

Agency Spotlight : Outstanding App Experience with Fire Breathing Penguin

This week's feature, Fire Breathing Penguin Media, is an American agency offering mobile apps, websites, and video production to give clients from a large variety of industries high quality products while remaining reasonable and approachable. We love their down to earth vibe and creativity that seems to set them apart—the name alone intrigued us and we had to hear more. 
GoodBarber Team, Thursday 3 November 2016

Agency Spotlight: Digital Growth in Italy with Hago ADV

Focusing on the success story of the agency Hago ADV, a leading agency in graphic design, web and app development, from Italy. Discover the story behind the making of Hago ADV and their insight on reselling apps.
GoodBarber Team, Thursday 29 September 2016

Agency Spotlight: Winning in the App Market With Proexe

For our next featured agency, we are proud to introduce Proexe, a Polish company with some quite impressive accomplishments under their belt. Maciej, the CEO of Proexe, will give us some insight into his success.
GoodBarber Team, Friday 2 September 2016

Agency Spotlight: The Success Story of Reformed Media

Welcome to our newest blog series in which we will be focusing exclusively on agency success stories! Here you will find valuable insight, knowledge, and tips from individuals whom we consider to be experts in the app selling industry, who have been kind enough to give us a glimpse into their world and unique experiences. Kicking off the series with his expertise in one booming industry is Eric Pastorek, from the agency Reformed Media.