How to copy the design of a section

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial!

Today we're going to learn something that will save you a lot of time: copy the design from one section to another!

You'll see it's really simple.

This feature copies the complete design settings of a section into your new section: fonts, colors, templates, display options, default thumbnail, etc...

Of course you can only use this feature on two sections of the same type, Article to Articles, or Maps to Maps for example. That's why it only appears if you have at least two sections of the same type in your app.

Let's get started! 

Let's go to My app > Design > Design Sections. 

Remember I designed the NEWS section of my RiverDaily app last time? Well today I'm going to apply this design to the other Articles sections of my app. 

I choose the Articles section I want to design. Sports section. 

I first select the Article List.

By clicking on the icon here.

I see all the activated articles sections in my app. 

I just have to choose the one I want to get the design from.let’s go for News 

I click on continue, and that's it! 

I now do the same thing with the article details page.

Easy isn't it ? in only a few clicks I could get an existing design instead of redoing it from scratch.

No more excuses to design your app!

See you soon for a new tutorial!

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