How to customize the splashscreen of your app

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial

Today I will show you how to customize your splashscreens

They are the images displayed at the launch of your native iOS and Android app, during your content rendering

To set up your splash screens, go to the Menu My App, General design

Open the launchscreen menu

You have 2 possibilities

Use the assistant or create a custom splash screen

Let’s start with the assistant

Here you can add test or a logo

For exemple I want to display the name of my spa Freyja and my slogan. All I need to do is to add them to the text box


If you prefer a logo, click on the tab like this and upload the image in the required format.

But let’s stick with the text

On the right side menu, I can set the font, text color and effects

Then I create the background of my splash screen. It can be a color or a background image from the Unsplash library in the back office, or from my computer,  

That's' what i’m going to do

And that’s it, my splashscreen is ready!

Click on generate, confirm the modifications

The launch screens are automatically generated in the format required for all devices

That was Easy, no?

Now let’s try the custom option

Now, that’s really easy. All you need to do is upload the screen you already created in the required sizes.

Already done!

You now know how to customize your splashscreen

See you very soon for another tutorial

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