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Podcasts: the ideal tool to be heard

Step into the future of content creation

Distribute your podcast directly from your back office

Podcasts are an incredible way to share your ideas, stories and knowledge with a large global audience. Podcasts have become the trendiest type of content because they are easy to listen to and require little focus. People listen to podcasts on public transport, while playing sports or doing chores. Podcasts can be listened to anytime and anywhere, making them a lasting medium for your content. Creating a podcast is easier than ever so go ahead and start your own podcast today!

An advanced CMS to manage your podcasts

Take advantage of a powerful tool to broadcast your podcast like a pro

Monetize your podcast

Create subscription packages to access your content

Everything you need to get organized

Increase productivity and save time thanks to pro features

Work as a team

You can create several profiles in your GoodBarber back office to give access to your collaborators. You manage the status and access of each one and this way you can divide the work to manage your chain of publication in the best way.

One page to manage all your content

The Content menu in your back office has been designed to allow you to manage all your content types efficiently. You can find all your podcasts and move them to the different sections of your app. You can also manage the publication status of each podcast, and manage them individually or in batches.

A perfect design, even for audio

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