Christophe Spinetti, Monday 15 November 2021

How to Pitch an App

As an expert and app reseller, you must be ready at all times to respond to the solicitation of a potential lead, or a future contributor. Whether in a public or private setting, you should regularly have a pitch ready for any eventuality. The best is to have a proven pitch for different situations.   So the principle of the pitch is simple. The goal is to prove in a few minutes the interest and the merits of your product or service. Whether it's for your current business or for a business in creation. The original name is "Elevator pitch" to illustrate the fact that your speech must fit in a time frame as short as an elevator ride.   And the shorter the pitch, the more specific it should be. In this article, we'll try to be exhaustive, so you'll have to pick and choose from the information we give you to build (and test...) the best pitch possible.
Written on Monday 19 July 2021

PWA: how mobile usage drives new desktop best practices and behaviors

how mobile usage and technologies are paving the way for new web concepts, with new best practices ensuring user experience which deliver. Progressive Web Apps in particular are sparking some curiosity, on the part of developers and publishers alike.
Jerome Granados, Tuesday 1 December 2020

Web Push Notifications (demystified)

A few days ago, along with the release of our new line of PWA products, we published some new features. Amongst them is the option to now send push notifications to Progressive Web App users. 
Jerome Granados, Saturday 31 October 2020

PWA's and advertising displays

Advertising displayed in a website represents an attractive source of revenue when you have a very targeted or important audience. If you're considering monetizing your Progressive Web App's traffic through advertising displays, you have several different options available. PWA's offer multiple places to display advertising, various formats, and connections to several ad networks, including GoodBarber's internal ad server. 
GoodBarber Team, Monday 24 September 2018

Dealing with domain names

A lot of people find the idea of changing the domain on their GoodBarber project appealing as it allows them to build a stronger image without the presence of another brand. GoodBarber doesn't sell domain names, you'll have to purchase one from an external provider if you want to take advantage of this option, and you'll then be able to configure it from your provider's platform and install it in your GoodBarber backend as you'll be using our servers.  Setting up a new domain name can look a bit daunting for first-timers, but it's no big deal. Take a look at some basic info you need to know and some of the most common issues users struggle with to avoid common pitfalls. 
Christophe Spinetti, Tuesday 28 August 2018

Are native apps still the best?

A few years ago, there was no doubt that native apps were the best way to get content out there on mobile. A native app is made to work exclusively on your phone, in the most integrated way possible. However, since about two years ago, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) have been disrupting the norms that native established. Certain big-time apps like Facebook or AirBnB have changed their minds on their choice of technology for offering the best user experience on mobile. 
Muriel Santoni, Friday 17 August 2018

Have you heard about stats in your PWA?

You're well aware of all the advantages and potential Progressive Web Apps have to offer. If you've already created your PWA or you're planning to do so, this article is for you. GoodBarber allows you to access statistics concerning traffic generated by your PWA that will allow you to better understand your users' behavior and to adapt accordingly.  Two types of stats are available to you: internal statistics, accessible in your back office once your PWA is published, and external statistics.  Let's take a deeper look.
Written on Sunday 21 January 2018

Promoting your PWA : The Power of the URL

One of the major perks of PWA’s is how easy they make it to acquire visitors. The first reason for this being that PWA’s turn up in search engine results, and the second being that their access gateway is a simple URL that you can easily sneak into endless spots, many of which are so often neglected. With such convenience at one’s disposal, missing out on any of these basic opportunities to promote isn’t an option!
Stéphanie Guerreiro, Monday 15 January 2018

How Progressive Web Apps can help you (re)engage your users

With over half of all worldwide internet traffic coming from mobile devices, there’s no doubt about the fact that mobile is king.  However, user behavior seems to be going more towards being fed up with installing applications. Despite the general craze over native applications’ UX, only about a third of smartphone owners download apps each month.  Progressive Web Apps are here to tackle this paradox by solving the application-download burnout issue. The proof is in the 4 points to come. 
Jerome Granados, Thursday 7 December 2017

New : SMS Notifications

It is now possible to send notifications via SMS with GoodBarber. SMS notifications is a new add-on in the catalogue. Once installed, you can notify the users of your Progressive Web App via SMS. 
Muriel Santoni, Wednesday 6 December 2017

Service Workers

You've been hearing about PWA's and their undeniable advantages for some time now. But do you really know how this new technology works and what it is that makes it so different from a classic website or native app? The goal of this article is to explain one important element that plays a huge role...
Jerome Granados, Wednesday 12 April 2017

Menu and secondary navigation

The Menu is used for secondary navigation within your app. Seven different concepts are available—each with its own advanced configuration options. Thanks to this amount of diversity, one of the strengths of GoodBarber 4.0, the Menu completes the Home, finely distributing traffic within the app.
Jerome Granados, Monday 10 April 2017

Modular home

The Home is the first screen of your app—and a very important one obviously. It is a pivotal element around which everything else falls into place. GoodBarber 4.0 introduces a modular system, ultra flexible, to manage the Home and make it the starting point of a unique user experience throughout your app.
Jerome Granados, Thursday 6 April 2017

What's new with GoodBarber 4.0?

Discover the new GoodBarber 4.0 features revolving around a mobile UI first approach, across devices, and the innovations introduced by the new version of your back office.
Jerome Granados, Monday 3 April 2017

GoodBarber 4.0 | Next Generation Apps

Today, GoodBarber is getting a major update. GoodBarber 4.0 aims at revolutionizing the way you create apps. In 10 years, apps have changed the way we use the web. A very limited space—a small screen—and a not so precise pointer—the finger—have pushed designers to come up with radically new user interfaces. Clean and intuitive, over the years, they’ve imposed their standards on larger screens. These days, to keep the attention of a user, you must be able to deliver impeccable UX regardless of the device used, whether it's big or small. GoodBarber 4.0 tackles that challenge.
Isabella Leland, Monday 20 March 2017

PWAs - Progressive Web Apps explained

In our last article we insisted on the growing influence mobile has on our every behavior, including desktop usage and expectations—an influence which has made room for a new concept, Progressive Web Apps. Today we will dig deeper into what makes up a PWA and how it operates.