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Expedy print

Automatic printing of orders
This extension can be installed based on your needs, by the GoodBarber team. Contact us for more information.
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Automatically print your orders

Connect the Expedy Print solution to your app

Buy a thermal printer from Expedy and automatically trigger the printing of orders placed on your eCommerce app. As soon as an order arrives, a ticket is printed. The information displayed on the ticket is customizable. For example, you can indicate the order number, the products ordered, their quantity, the name and address of the customer and the delivery time.

  • Automatic printing of orders
  • Remote printing
  • Simultaneous printing on several printers
  • Printing on a connected thermal printer
  • Customizable print ticket content

Integration with Expedy Print

Cloud-based printer management

Examples of use

Restaurant, grocery store, eCommerce, Click and Collect

The use cases of printers connected to your GoodBarber app are endless. Here are some examples. The GoodBarber team can configure the printing of a ticket according to your specific needs.

  • Restaurant: print the dishes to prepare in the kitchen
  • eCommerce: print packing slips directly in your warehouse
  • Click and Collect: automatically print picking lists
  • Local delivery: print a label with the name, address and delivery time of the customer
Expedy print
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