Marie Pireddu, Monday 13 September 2021

How to choose the perfect name for your app

Choosing the right name for a mobile app can be a challenge, from complying with the stores requirements to making sure the app name is intelligible enough for the vast majority of users. Discover how to choose the right name for an app
Marie Pireddu, Tuesday 20 July 2021

How to open a Google Play Developer Account ?

You are ready to publish your app on the Google Play Store. Find how to open a Google Play Account using Google Play Console and what's the price of a Google Developer Account.
Marie Pireddu, Friday 30 April 2021

How to submit an app to Google Play ?

Check out our submission guide for your app on the Google Play Store. A step-by-step guide on how to successfully publish your app on Google Play Store
João Marcelo Martins, Tuesday 15 September 2015

ANDROID APP: How to nail your update (Infographic)

Even if it is a little simpler to update your app on Google Play when compared to the App Store, it's a process that surely can get better with the help of a Beautiful infographic from GoodBarber, specially made to ensure you succeed and make your life a bit easier!
GoodBarber Team, Monday 22 June 2015

Should I Publish an iOS or Android App?

Although a GoodBarber subscription includes both iOS and Android versions of your app for no extra cost, sometimes app creators find themselves in the position of needing to choose between publishing on the App Store or Google Play. This can be due to budget constraints, time restrictions, different objectives you are trying to achieve, your audience, etc. So, if you must decide between publishing on the App Store or Google Play , what are the pros and cons of each? Here is a brief outline of the advantages of each platform depending on your situation.
GoodBarber Team, Wednesday 8 April 2015

Video Tutorial: How to Generate your Android App with GoodBarber

This tutorial will show you the simplicity of the Android generation process, which will allow you to test your native Android app on your phone before submitting it to Google Play. If you opt for the "GoodBarber Takes Care" option, no need to read this article. If not, don't stress—it's not as complicated as it seems. Follow the instructions closely beginning with clicking the "I'll do it myself" option, and your app will be generated in no time. 
Catarina Crespo, Thursday 19 March 2015

New Rating System for Android Apps

In May, Google Play will introduce a new content rating system for apps and games that will help consumers with their purchases. The main goal of this new rating system is to improve app engagement by better targeting the appropriate audience. This will be done by evaluating content and respecting each country's internet advertising policies. Since the current Google Play rating scale will be replaced by this new system in May, this rating is mandatory for all developers. Google says that the “Unrated” apps may be blocked in certain territories for specific users. If your app is not rated, Google Play has the right to delete it from the Play Store, so be sure to rate it now. The rating will be calculated based on rules defined by an international organization (IARC), based on informations given to google by the developers about the content of their app.  The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), born from a global initiative, gives a classification for games and apps, depending on the minimum age requested to use them, according to the territory where they will be sold.   The IARC is composed by different classification institutions, each one corresponding to a different area in the world : - the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) - North America - Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) - Europe -  Australian Classification Board - Australia - Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK) - Germany - Classificação Indicativa (ClassInd) - Brazil An app can get different ratings depending on the territory it will be downloaded from. This new way to rate apps will, as Google says, " inform consumers about the age appropriateness of your app, block or filter your content in certain territories or to specific users where legally required, evaluate your app’s eligibility for special developer programs."
Written on Tuesday 21 October 2014

How to Sell Your App for a Fee

There are a few ways to directly earn money with apps: by creating and selling apps for clients, by monetizing through advertising, and by directly selling the app in the stores. In this article, we'll be covering two main questions for publishers who want to sell their app in the stores: 1/ What type of apps are users willing to pay for? 2/ What you need to do if you choose to charge a price for your app.
katrina bertacci, Friday 17 October 2014

Add a Rating Pop-Up to Your Beautiful App

"Even the most intellectual mind has something to learn"- George Santayana Hello Goodbarbers, Big things are happening in GoodBarber these days. Our fingers are flying on our keyboards to write new codes and develop new features! Right after launching GoodBarber 3 , our completely new and restyled platform, we took some time to listen to all your requests and we created a road map to plan the development of all the new features you asked for,  so we could implement them as soon as possible. Last week we introduced you to our new Contact Us section. Today we're proud to present the new integrated pop-up that you can activate to encourage your users to rate the app. Just as George Santayana said, we all have something to learn!
Written on Wednesday 30 July 2014

Useful Tips to Start Developing on Android

According to Mobile Statistics, the number of Android devices sold reached the 156 million mark in the first quarter of 2013 alone, and there are now more than 1,3 million apps available on the Google Play Store. (source: Statista ). Have you ever wondered how to make an app? The web is full of tutorials where people share their knowledge about different subjects. As we have a team of app developers working daily with programming, we decided to ask two Android experts a few questions about Android Development. We already talked about iOS before, but today it’s Android time! Say hello to our special guests: Sérgio and Guido !
Deb F-P, Wednesday 7 May 2014

How to distribute my app out of the stores

You are a small structure, and you don't want or need your app to be published on the App Store or the Google Play Store? It is possible to distribute your app internally, and we are going to tell you how. 
Jerome Granados, Monday 20 May 2013

How to highlight and promote your app in Google Play?

During Google I/O 2013, some recent figures were given about Google Play.  48 billion apps installed from Google Play, 900 million Android activation, and soon, 1 million apps in the store. Looking at those huge figures, you may wonder how to make your app stand out from the crowd ? Here are some tips to help you highlight and promote your app in Google Play.
Ghjancarlu Simeoni, Wednesday 7 March 2012

Android Market Integrated With Google Play

Google has announced the launch of Google Play, a platform that unifies apps, books, music and movies. A few hours before the announcement of Apple’s iPad 3 Keynote, Google launches its iTunes killer. Google Play is an “integrated destination” for mobile applications, books, music and movies, accessible from all Android devices or the Internet. The Android Market, familiar to Android device users, disappears, giving way to Play Store - one of the four components of the Google Play platform. Google Music becomes Play Music, Google Books becomes Play Books, and Google Movies becomes Play Movies.