How to display strategies for your ads

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial

Today we will learn how to strategize between your different advertising campaigns.

In order to maximize your ads, you can decide the priority of your ad network. 

Go to the menu Marketing > Monetization > Strategy.

Here I find the list of all the campaigns created for my app.

To choose the display order of my campaigns I just have to drag and drop the campaigns to order them as I want.

Please note, the order must be defined for each platform: The display priority can vary from one platform to another, depending on your configuration.

If the first advertising network does not return any ads, then the app will query the second network and so on.

The Strategy menu allows you to plan the display order of your campaigns, but you can only display one campaign at a time.

You now know how to set up display strategies for your adv campaigns! 

See you soon for a new tutorial! 

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