How to send and schedule push notifications

Hello and welcome to your new goodbarber tutorial 
Today we’ll discover a very important tool for communication with your audience: push notifications.

To send push notifications go to the menu Marketing > Push > Send.

Here We’re  on the page for sending notifications.

You’ll see it's very simple.

I enter my notification message.

select the action that will be triggered at the opening of the notification.

And now I choose when I want to send the notification, now or on a specific date.

Then I target my recipients by platform.

I can also target my users according to their user group, their behavior, their devices and/or their geolocation.

Last detail, notification settings such as the sound of the notification, and the activation of the iOS badge.

On the right side of the screen you can see a preview and a recap of the parameters.

I click Send and voila, it’s sent 

For scheduled push, you have to activate an add-on in the menu add-on > catalog, select scheduled push, and add the add-on.

Thanks to this add-on you will be able to send automatic notifications by selecting the sections for which you want to send a notification for each new publication.

Once the add-on is activated, I have a new menu Marketing > push >schedule.

It's the same as before, except here I choose the section I want notifications for.
If I want, I add a prefix to my notifications.

Then, as before, I target my users. 

Then decide if  the message will be sent: at any time or during a defined period of time.

And schedule!

you now know how to send and schedule push notifications! 

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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