How to add a menu section

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial 

Today we’ll learn how to use a section that will revolutionize the architecture of your app: the menu section.

In addition to the main navigation and the Home, this section allows you to create different levels of navigation in your app.

To add a menu section, go to My app > content > sections;

I click on Add a section, select Menu.

I enter the name of the section, and add it.

You can now see my section in my list.

I can insert links to other sections.

That couldn’t be any easier, all I have to do is drag existing sections or click on Add a section, to create a new one.

I’ll now set up the design of my Menu section.

I have the choice between 10 different templates, each of which will have different design options.

I will choose template 7.

I'm setting up my images.

The font and color of the section titles.

And finally the background color.


Now you know how to add an extra level of navigation to your app! 

See you soon for a new tutorial! 

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