How to add a contact section

Hello and welcome to your new goodbarber tutorial! 

Today we’re going to focus on an important section of your app: the Contact US section.

It allows your users to access all your contact information from a single page.
You can add several direct links, let's have a look.

Let's go to the menu My app > Content > Sections.
I click on Add a section then select Contact US

I name my section and add.

I’ll edit its content.
Voila, here I can add a subtitle, and links.

I can add links to:

- Facebook 
- Twitter 
- Instagram 
- WhatsApp 
- Skype  
- Email 
- My phone number (Call us) 
- The URL of your app on Stores (Recommended on Stores 
- Internal sections of your app (Internal link) 
- Websites (External links) 
- Send a message (SMS)

I will add several links, it's very quick.


Now I'll take care of the design.

I have several templates I can choose from.
Then I decide whether or not to display my app's icon.

I define the background and border colors, 

The fonts and the colors of the buttons.

Voila. my page is ready! 

What do you think of it?

See you soon for another new tutorial! 

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