Boost your community with our must-have extensions!


When developing your application, creating and managing a community is a key element in the success of your project. By investing in the creation and management of a strong community, you're laying a solid foundation for a prosperous, long-lasting application. Indeed, you'll see that by using the right extensions, your GoodBarber app can become a real virtual space for your users to interact with you and each other, and become a true community. Let's take a step-by-step look at the extensions that can help you develop your community.


The "Authentication" extension brings you a number of advantages. First and foremost, it lets you restrict access to all or part of your app to specific users, reinforcing the security and confidentiality of your data. But it also enables you to get to know your users better, so you can tailor your content and strategies accordingly.

Using the Authentication extension, you define the fields to be displayed on the user profile page, so that every member of your community can properly introduce themselves. These profiles contain valuable information on user preferences, usage habits and behaviors, enabling you to personalize the user experience and improve the relevance of your content. 

What's more, the back office offers an interface specially designed for managing your application's users. Here you can view the complete list of your users, their location, their group affiliation, the date of their last connection, as well as relevant social information.

Find out more about how this extension works on the dedicated page .


The "Community" extension is a very useful tool, enabling you to make visible the list of users registered in your application. This allows users to discover each other. You can also choose how the section is displayed, either as a list in which users are placed according to different categories, or as a map showing their location. Of course, every user has the right to choose whether to make their profile public or private, and whether to make their information visible to the community.

More information on how this extension works can be found on the dedicated page .

User groups

The "User Groups" extension offers a flexible solution for organizing your users into distinct categories and grouping them according to your own criteria, enabling precise content delivery to a targeted audience. Each user can belong to one or more groups, or none at all, leaving the control for determining group classification criteria in your hands.

What's more, you can also administer access to content according to the groups you define, by customizing access rights to various sections of your application. With this extension, you can create tailor-made app experiences for each of your target audiences, ensuring a consistent and engaging experience for your users within the groups you've established. 

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Chat is the key to building your community. This extension enables users to view, manage and create private conversations in an intuitive, well-organized interface. The Chat extension offers practical features such as the ability to mark a message as "read", delete a conversation or report a user for offensive behavior. Users receive real-time notifications as soon as a message is received, and are free to decide whether they wish to be contacted by other users - there is no obligation.

For more information on this extension, please refer to the dedicated page .


You've got everything you need to showcase your app by bringing your community to life: activate the four extensions on your content app from your back office and define the settings for each section according to your strategy, then all you have to do is monitor the results to boost engagement and improve performance!

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