Infinite possibilities with the new Text widget


Many of you have requested the ability to add free-form text to the Home pages of your apps. This is now possible with the brand new Text widget!

Available for eCommerce and content apps, it allows you to add text freely to the homepage of your application. It may seem simple, but do not underestimate the potential of this widget, which can have a myriad of uses! Whether it's for introducing yourself, presenting a section of your app, providing instructions, or simply for aesthetic reasons, it will serve you well.

The Text widget allows you to add a title, body text, and even a redirection button. From the back office panel, you can set the alignment of your text, the color, size, and font of the title and body text, the color of links, and, of course, configure your button.

How to use the Text widget in my app?

To add a Text widget, go to your back office, menu My App > Structure > Home. Then, add a new widget and choose the Text widget. Now, all you have to do is configure your widget and insert your text. Your widget is ready!