How to broadcast sounds

Hello and welcome to your new GoodBarber tutorial! 

Today we are going to learn how to play audio files via your app.

Let's add our section in the menu My app > Content > Sections.

I click on Add a section. 

And select Podcasts.

I name my section and add it.

Now let's edit the content.

I’ll add my first audio file by clicking here.

We are in the editing page of my podcast.

Let's give it a title.

And add the audio file from my computer. 

I can now add an image to illustrate my podcast. 

And other elements for my description.

On the right side of the screen, if I have several podcast sections, I can choose the section in which my podcast will appear.

I can change the author, 

the publication date, 

Add iOS and Android commercial links

And enable or disable comments.

We still have to fill in our metadata from the SEO tab.


All I have to do now is publish!

As for the other sections I will quickly set up the design.

The sounds list

and the detail page.

Voila! I'll show you the result...

You now know how to play audio files via your app !

See you soon for another tutorial ! 

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